Feeling the Existence of God – How to Feel God’s Presence

Ever felt the presence of God? I guess many of you can relate. In this article, I show you how you can feel God’s presence.

It is in your darkest hours that you need God to do a miracle for you.

For this to happen, by all means pray. A favorite effective short prayer that I like to say is:

Thank you God for all blessings.

Let blessings keep coming my way, all my way, all the more, more and more.

Advanced thanks for all the blessings that are already on the way towards me.

That you will keep Your grace on me all the time is my belief, hope and prayer.

Protect me, have mercy on me and watch over me.

Please do NOT inflict upon me severe punishments nor take difficult tests on me.

Thank you God for all blessings.

And so it is.

Then go and recite a verse from the Holy Book. It is better to go sequentially through the pages so that you leave a mark where you left off and catch up from there for your next recitation.

Then go about your daily tasks and chores in the usual ways. Push yourself a little bit if you procrastinate. There’s still a rainbow at the end of the road. So remember it’s worth it.

Then the magic would unfurl. Something will happen to brighten your day in the process of going through your daily chores.

For instance, for me something wonderful happened after I felt very exasperated and disappointed in life overall. But then I went through the above steps. And bingo!

Yes, I left my laptop – the usual mails and updates and nothing interesting. When I touched my smart phone, I saw three messages sequentially coming from a guy, saying that he loved my articles and short stories in HubPages.com and even left a comment on one of my articles and became my follower. I was so happy and joyous.

And today morning, I found a considerable number of views on one of my recent articles in EzineArticles.com.

These are God’s miracles and magic at play to make your life brighter and help you smile, forgetting your sorrows. And you can fully immerse in the moments, feeling God’s presence and feeling more gratitude for His blessings.

The fact that you already thanked Him in your initial prayer for the blessings that already exist in your life makes God bless you even more. In the prayer, there itself is the magic. You need not ask anything from Him. Thanking Him for the blessings you already have is enough.

I hope you get the idea how magic and miracles God brings about making you smile and letting you be happier and boosting yourself to do more courageous and prospective tasks to help you climb the ladder of success and enjoy life. It is in these moments, yes, you will find God’s presence.

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